Air Explorer Pro 2.0.1 Full Crack with Keygen free Download

Air Explorer Pro 2.0.1 Full Crack

Air Explorer Pro Full version + Crack

If you want to copy or copy a file from one account first, you must first access the first account, download the file to your computer, and then access the other and upload it. You can use the “Air Explorer Pro” application, which allows you to easily browse the information stored on multiple cloud servers.

Features :

Simple look and clear layout labels

Air Explorer comes with a user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) that even allows beginners to enter their credentials and connect their accounts to this app.

In addition to examining the files you have saved on cloud servers, you can search for files that have been identified across your linked accounts, while the other one allows you to sync two accounts.

Browse data stored on Dropbox, Mega, OneDrive, Google Drive

To use Air Explorer Crcak, you must first connect the servers you use regularly to the application. You can then set a username and password for one or more accounts, and then download or download files without any difficulties.

Air Explorer supports a wide range of services, such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega, Mediafire, WebDav and Yandex, and the login process is as simple as possible: enter your username and password and you do it.

Copy files between accounts or encrypt all uploads

With Air Explorer, you can easily copy or move documents, just a few mouse clicks, you can access data in two panels, so you can easily select one or more files you want. transfer

Unfortunately, Air Explorer also helps protect your data by encrypting all files uploaded to the cloud – you do not need to remember the password you are using, otherwise you will not be able to access the files later.

Screen Shot :

Air Explorer Pro 2.0.1 Full Crack

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