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CCEnhancer crack

CCEnhancer is a little tool that adds support for more than 1,000 new apps into the favorite app CCleaner. The tool employs the winapp2.ini system constructed into CCleaner to readily add new definitions and rules for apps. The principles were sourced largely in the Piriform Service Forum, with many sourced from different areas across the world wide web.

The real file containing the definitions isn’t included with the app, but is rather downloaded from the program. Only press ‘Download Newest’ and the application will automatically download the latest version of those definitions. If CCEnhancer crack can’t track down the CCleaner.exe file it is possible to start a dialogue box and choose the webpage.

CCEnhancer free Download


Among the list of hundreds of new applications built into CCleaner, we have noticed support for Chrome (e.g. bookmark backups, local storage, logs), BitTorrent incomplete downloads, Network Service history, Pidgin chat logs, Dropbox cache, Microsoft.NET cache, Windows backups and update logs. All new entries are marked by asterisks, thus you can tell them apart from CCleaner’s options easily.

The only downside to CCEnhancer is that you cannot uninstall its components without removing CCleaner as well, unless you are an expert user who knows how to tinker with the Initialization file. Moreover, it is not possible to select which modules to install. Nevertheless, CCEnhancer certainly pleases all users who want to enhance the functionality of Ccleaner, thanks to its overall simplicity and rich database.

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