COMODO Internet Security Premium Crack Key

COMODO Internet Security Crack

COMODO Internet Security Full Crack

COMODO Internet Security Premium Crack is an anti-virus system designed to protect your system, files and folders from online threats. Contains an antivirus module, along with firewall features to build an unbreakable shield. COMODO provides Internet Security Premium offline to change your DNS servers to COMODO Secure DNS servers (containing a description), and to enable “cloud-based behavior analysis” of unrecognized programs by offering them COMODO.

COMODO Internet Security Premium key is a great security application, but this is our only opinion. You should test it yourself. COMODO uses very little CPU and memory resources while scanning. But other system applications are running slowly. COMODO performs an automatic scan on your computer (which takes a long time, but is comprehensive). The GUI is eye-catching and simple to follow.

COMODO Internet Security Key Features :

Detects and destroys any existing malware hidden on a PC.
Detects spyware threats and destroys each infection.
Scan, detect and remove rootkits on your computer.
Protection of the bot:
Prevent malicious software from turning your PC into a zombie.
Defense +:
It protects critical system files and blocks malware before it is installed.
Automatic sandbox technology:
Executes unknown files in an isolated environment where they can not cause damage.
Memory firewall:
State-of-the-art protection against sophisticated buffer overflow attacks.
Kill malicious processes before they can hurt.

                        COMODO Internet Security Pro 11 License key

COMODO Internet Security Premium Crack


  • 152 MB RAM
  • 400 MB hard disk space

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                       COMODO Internet Security 11 Crack

COMODO Internet Security

What’s New in COMODO Internet Security 11:

  • This is version 11 Considering many stability and performance changes have gone into application since release of v10 and product overall test results have improved, we have classified it as v11. While we continue to work on major changes for v12 for 2019 release.
  • Going forward, you won’t see any Geek Buddy alert upon malware detection.
  • This build is HVCI compliant, this is a feature which is going to be enabled by default in Windows 10 RS5, due in Fall-2018.

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