DoYourData AppUninser 4.2 Mac Full Cracked [Latest]

DoYourData AppUninser 4.2 Mac Full Cracked

All-in-one Mac Uninstaller to uninstall Mac applications individually or partially and clear all residuals. You can also remove plugins, widgets and many languages ​​completely.

Features :

Best software for Macintosh
DoYourData AppUninser Mac is a powerful and easy-to-use Mac-uninstaller.
Mac applications can be uninstalled and removed with just a few clicks.
Remove and clear
Remove all parts of the program from the Mac completely. Find files, logs, scripts, and more.
Delete all apps
Easily remove the most depressing apps, malware, or virus programs, download from the Mac App Store or other websites.
Remove multiple apps by one click
Allows an application to remove the apps individually. It also supports the removal of programs in packages – just 1 click.
If you want more, delete more
DoYourData AppUninser Mac Crack can help remove unnecessary programs, but helps remove unwanted plugins, widgets and benefits on your Mac. Additionally, DoYourData helps remove unnecessary multilingual files without affecting the functions of your AppUninser applications. As a result, you get a more expensive disk space on the Mac.
Simple and secure Mac uninstaller
The program is easy to install but it is sophisticated to remove all parts of the program. Now, DoYourData AppUninser makes it easy to complete assembly.
Easily remove Mac applications and remove all others.
100% safe. The application will not be uninstalled until “Yes” is available.
It can also delete the downloaded app, the virus infection, and the malware.

Screen Shot :

DoYourData AppUninser 4.2 Mac Full Cracked


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