DxO Optics Pro 11.4.3 Build 71 + Licence key for Mac

DxO Optics Pro 11.4.3 Build

DxO Optics Pro is an image enhancement software with demos system to better handle RAW data. Discover the exceptional performance of DxO Optics Pro. Whether in automatic or manual mode, many smart gadgets can help you perfect your images. Thanks to the ultra-precise analysis of each combination of cameras, DxO Optics Pro automatically corrects the optical weakness in your image with incomparable quality levels. White balance, vibration, tonal curve, multi-eye balance, color saturation protection: take advantage of all these tools to remove all the bright colors of your photos, or apply your own color interpretation.

Premium Features :

DxO Smart Lighting

Leverage a dynamic network of your images and get fine details and textures in deep shadows and excessive spots. The new Weighted Spot mode uses face detection to use smart tone maps on the whole image, adds light fill, and improves contrast while optimizing lighting on the face.

DxO ClearView

Get rid of the haze to remove all the beauties of your landscape photo in just one click. Equally effective in removing smoke from urban landscape.
Enhance your images without upgrading your equipment
With the exact knowledge of each camera and making lenses and models, DxO OpticsPro automatically corrects all optical defects with unmatched quality levels.

Optimal workflow

Ease of use, power and processing speed. The most important fixes are instantly accessible, and you can enable or deactivate them with one click to see the effects. For the virtuoso slider, DxO OpticsPro provides advanced control over each imagery image processing parameter.

Screen shot :

DxO Optics Pro 11.4.3 Build

Download : DxO Optics Pro setup + crack

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