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Email Sender Deluxe key

Email Sender Deluxe is a program that sends emails to multiple addresses. It is packed with many useful features (such as importing email lists from files) and all skill levels can be used by users
The application’s interface is commercial and intuitive; You can get started with delivery methods (such as SMTP server and port) by setting up sender email account information on Email Sender Deluxe

It is also possible to add file attachments, write an email as a plain text document or backup HTML data, preview results and recipients, as well as backup and restore data. Recipient’s email address may be written manually or by importing files from the computer.

You can also create recipients and email templates. From the options screen, you can switch to a different graphic style for the UI, enable logging (simple or extended), add HTML code, as well as configure different email options that contain characters The group, the encoding method and the number of shifts, in the other case.

Simple-to-use applications for both sample and expert users packs some interesting features. This includes user documents, the best response takes time and the average CPU and system memory is used. During all our testing we have not come across any issues, because the email sender did not give hanging, crash or display error notifications.

Email Sender Deluxe Additional Features : 

• Easy-to-use HTML Editor: Use the powerful WYSIWYG editor to make your HTML easier.
• Easy to “Manage” Email Accounts: Each account can have its own email address and email server set up.
• Store e-mail templates for later reuse: edit quickly and send and send that you usually send to
• Preview all emails before being sent
• Include embedded images and images by adding them
• Send file attachments to all recipients
• Send both plain text and HTML versions of email
• Using multiple e-mail encodings such as languages ​​and settings.
• Send multiple connections for speed using multiple connections
• Automatically retry failed emails
• Update latest recipients from automatic database and files
• Send to SMTP server or pickup service
• Easily manage accounts, receiving groups, and email templates from “to”

Screen Shot after Activation 

Email Sender Deluxe

Download : Email Sender Deluxe setup + Licence key

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