Get Backup Pro 3.4.1 Mac Full Patch Download [Latest]

Get Backup Pro 3.4.1 Mac

Get Backup Pro for Mac free Download

Get Backup Pro Mac is a powerful backup and disk cloning program capable of synchronizing folders. Expanded Mac Backup Software Description – Imagine. Once you cancel your Mac with all family photos, valuable documents and email. Do not find yourself in such a situation. Start backup your Mac Files today!

Get Backup Pro Mac Full Patch, secure backups, archives, disk cloning, and folder synchronization programs for Mac. Make sure that your data is safely stored when you back up data quickly, create bootable and encrypted resources, synchronize folders, and erase system errors or data.

Key Features :

Bootable backups by Cloner If the hard drive crashes, one of the most embarrassing things you need to do is to back up the hard drive and pass the dull regeneration to back up your backup files. The “Backup” Cloner removes the external hard drive and turns it into a bootable disk on the Mac. Therefore, there is no need to wait for a replacement. You can migrate the clone directly to Mac, and even use your external backup drive until the backup is complete.
Automated backup and synchronization automation The Privileged software tool allows you to fully automate backup and sync processes for backup and synchronization (Daily, Weekly, Two-Week, or Monthly). Select a backup and drag down the sync start once. You can even create separate programs for multiple backup and file sync projects.
Back to CD / DVD and Any Mounted Device / Drive software allows you to back up your local device / drive, including backups on FireWire, USB, ATA, SCSI, CD and DVD devices or networks.
Integration with Apple iPhoto, Mail, iTunes, and address book makes it easy to access and back up your music, photos, email and address book. You can also easily back up other files or folders stored on your computer.
Data synchronization Synchronize files and folders on your laptop or desktop PC or drive. Binary Synchronization (Pro only) lets you get the latest version of the files you worked with regardless of which computer you are using. Plan for synchronization processes for more convenience and flexibility.
Encryption Keep backup copies of four encryption standards (AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish or Triple DES) to prevent unauthorized archiving. Backup encryption capabilities ensure high level of convenience and convenience for storage of backup archives on external hard drives, third-party servers, and others in your archives.

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Get Backup Pro 3.4.1 Mac

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