Monodraw 1.2.3 Build 100 for Mac Full Crack [Latest]

Monodraw 1.2.3 Build 100 for Mac

Monodraw Mac makes it easy for Mac to create text-based artwork (such as diagrams, layouts, flowcharts), and visualize algorithms, data structures, binary formats, and more. Show as. Because this text can easily be buried almost anywhere.

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Features :

  • An image is worth a thousand words. The scheme is probably twice as expensive. Improve your technical documentation (code, specifications) with easy-to-understand text art. It plays an important role in understanding the structure of data structures, algorithms and data formats. You read the code more often than you read, so it’s easier to understand.
    Easily create text banners with one click. FIGlet Monodraw, and we collect 148 fonts as standard (including custom products). You can interactively change the text box, change the font, and set the alignment – no need for terminal.
  • Add simplicity to plain text to your brain’s mapping power. Monodraw gives you freedom to manage textual information as you like. Move text to anywhere with an infinite canvas – there is no need to limit the linear text file structure.
  • Do you deal with databases? Then you know how useful the relationships of personality relationships are. Describe your data model with a simple ER diagram. Monodraw Mac Crack supports the Crowning Foot notation in three different ways that match your personal preference.
  • Monodraw is managed by a custom CoreText-based text engine and controls the layout. You can adjust alignment, position, direction and direction of the route. Adding a border around your text is just one click.
  • The Line tool facilitates the connection forms as a pie. The orthogonal and ladder lines are supported by the ability to line the line. Extras allow you to dynamically connect to other forms, so you do not have to move around at any time.
  • The rectangle tool can be used to create different boxes that are the most widely used elements in the art of text. Define the border or background with just a few clicks. Oh, you can add shades too! Finally, at least, special attachment points will help you place your slots in the right place.

Screen Shot :

Monodraw 1.2.3 Build 100 for Mac


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