PDF Compressor 2018 1.0.3 Crack + Key is here [Latest]

PDF Compressor 2018

Portable Document Format files have one advantage, and their resolution may sometimes be more effective and, as a result, the disk space is too large, and also write to the printer for a long time or even download.

But there is a tool for reducing their size, including one PDF Compressor, a compact and easy-to-use program that can be used individually or in mass processing for multiple mouse movements.
PDF Compressor fully crack is a useful and effective software for those who need to reduce the amount of space taken by portable document format files on the computer, which will allow you to set quality levels in less.

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Key Features :

  • it allows you to drag and drop files you want to use or browse your computer and open them manually. You can work with one or more files simultaneously, and the other will show a separate preview of them.
  • With a special slider, you can define the level of quality required for the resulting files, which allows you to select the percentage of documents you want to sacrifice. You can preview all pages of the file, but you can not do it in full.
  • Once you have configured your configuration, you can click the “Crop” button and you will be prompted to select the targeted folder for your files, export them within minutes, and continue with them

What’s New !

PDF Compressor 2018

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