PrimoCache Desktop Edition 2.7.3 Full version Crack [Latest]

PrimoCache Desktop Edition 2.7.3 Full version Crack

PrimoCache Desktop Edition is an additional software caching scheme that integrates with physical memory, hard disk drives (SSDs) and flash drives, allowing for cached data for local physical drives. Transparent discs store disk data in fast caching devices, such as physical memory, so future demand for this data is provided directly from the cache and should be faster. Thus, the access time is shortened, which improves the overall performance of the system

PrimoCache Desktop Edition Crack performs a two-level cache architecture consisting of a high-level cache and a 2-level cache. The cache “Level-1”, called the primary cache, contains physical memory. The level 2 cache is usually the second cache on hard drive, drive, flash drive or other storage device. Apparently, runs faster than level 1 kache-2, though it is usually smaller. Primo Cache allows you to configure a level cache configuration or a level cache, or level 2 cache, and also a two-level cache that uses the cache level.

Features :

• Cache storage supports physical memory, solid state drives and flash drives.
• Performs two-level caching architecture.
• Supports permanent-2 caching.
• Supports Write-Through and Write-Deferred caching methods.
• Supports the TRIM command.
• OS Supports Invisible Memory.
• Pre-stored information in the cache.
• Performs a clever and self-adjusting cache checking algorithm.
• Supports caching strategies: Reading / Writing caching, read-only caching, and written caching only.
• Supports performance statistics and monitor.
• Supports large amounts of caching
• The cache supports the size of the file with its own file system.
• Supports caching of primary and dynamic disks.
• Supports plug and play.
• Supports command-line interface.

PrimoCache Desktop Edition 2.7.3 Full version Crack

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