ShowKeyPlus 1.0.6477 + Serial Key is here [Latest]


Smart users of technology already know that there are special instructions for revealing their operating system product keys, but beginners are still far away to go in this case.

This is why there are several specific applications aimed at meeting this goal, which helps all users see their product key without too much hassle. ShowKeyPlus is such a utility.

Direct GUI

Since the application is mobile, it does not need to be installed on the computer, and it can be run on removable USB drives so that it can be launched when needed.

His face is intended to be as intuitive as possible, and it displays a detected product key without intervention on your part. Clicking on the product key turns it on, thereby protecting your privacy if someone goes by when you use this app.

See the original key when the upgrade is detected

The ShowKeyPlus useful feature is that it displays details of the original operating system you are running before upgrading to the current.

In other words, if you’re upgraded to Windows 10, the application shows the previously installed product key and Windows edition name. However, it should be noted that the upgrade to Windows 10 automatically replaces your product key with generic, because your PC is given a unique digital advantage.

Retrieve the key from the backup

You can also rely on this software solution to view the product key stored in the backup file by just browsing to its location. This is useful when your backup includes a Windows folder that also has a product key.

After checking all the information displayed, you can save data to a file on your PC, for later analysis. Unfortunately, only TXT is supported as output format.

For that amount, ShowKeyPlus provides new people and experts alike with easy solutions to see their product key, even though they have upgraded their OS instead of getting new installations

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