Type Master 2 for Windows 10 Full version free Download

If you are familiar with Type Master and begin practicing all exercises and speed tests with good results, you know how effective the program is in improving your writing speed. Type Master 2 for Windows 10  a new version of this app brings him competitiveness.

The software starts by entering you in the world of the fastest recorders in the world and showing the preview of the final gift: The Golden Keyboard is a prize only 10.

Unlike the initial replication of the program, this gives you basic lessons, this version is much more satisfying than those with a high average speed record. (Remember that people in the Leader board are nonsense)

Instead of teaching you, all stages of the program will be used to combat AI opponents and. Later, human opponents.

The criteria that determine the winner at the end of the application are the CPM accuracy and the time required to complete the test. If you defeat more and more rivals in your name, the list of leaders will be increasing.

In addition to the competitive feature, the goal of this program is to teach how to write both hands on your screen and write as fast as you can before.

As you can easily figure out how to get tens of difficulties from ten to ten without changing time, you can really link this app.

If you are not satisfied with the course, Type Master 2 for Windows 10 free download has what you need. If you allow a different AI to challenge a written contest, it can cause you to look at it, and when you are enjoying it, you are better off writing it. Both characters are highly recommended by this application.


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